health protocol 2021

CUSTOMER reception health protocol

3 organizational steps for welcoming the customer:

1 / Before
2 / During
3 / After
  1. 1 / Before:
  • Ensure the physical capacity and understanding of clients
  • explain very precisely the course of the activity and any recent changes in certain organizational elements (shuttle schedules, health rules, etc.)
  • Insist on safety instructions; Wearing a mask is compulsory in all phases of reception at the base and when returning from the descent by canoe, in vehicles, safety distances.
  • Promote advance booking and payment by all means of communication (phone call, Facebook, website) from the application available on the website.
  • Favor payment by credit card.
  • Update on the website of the health protocols in place and the obligations for the client in French and English
  1. 2 / During:
On the parking :
  • Installation of an information panel with all general and specific instructions.
To home :
  • Installation of floor markings to enforce safety distances in the queue
  • Installation of an information panel with all the instructions right in front of the counter
  • Installation of a sign on the reception terrace asking that only one person per patient ""family"" in the queue, the rest of the people being able to stay away nearby. Verbal reminder if needed.
  • Make sure all participants are wearing their masks, verbally reminding them of instructions if necessary
  • Installation of a tape device to widen the distance between the receptionist and the customer and prevent leaning on the counter. This allows to keep a distance of more than one meter
  • Presence of a table in front of the counter (condemned) with gel, to be able to record payments with the TPE and sign the rental contract
  • Encourage payment by bank card, recall the presence of contactless.
  • Cleaning the TPE with disinfectant after each use
  • In case of change, setting up a dish to deposit the cash, no hand-to-hand delivery.
  • The sale of drinks to take away is authorized in accordance with the standards in force
  • Enter the first and last names of each invoice referral customer
  • Include in the rental contract and in the booking conditions signed online when purchasing a service, consent to the protocol rules
  • Establishment of a cleaning / disinfection plan for the WC and the sink, at least 4 times a day: door handles, ramp, lock, surfaces. Pedal bin.
Equipment and instructions:
  • Installation of self-equipment: customers use a paddle, life jacket and container directly, supervised by staff who remain present to inform and advise.
Transportation :
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory
  • Provision of hydro-alcoholic geland hand washing compulsory before getting on
  • Separate each family nucleus or group in one place
  • Presence of the driver to remind the installation rules.
  • The driver ensures that these rules are respected.
  • The bus driver gets on last and gets off first during stops to avoid crossing paths on the bus.
  • Whenever possible (weather), at the base, vehicle doors are kept open.
  • The driver is responsible for closing the doors before leaving and is responsible for opening them at destination. Customers do not touch the door handles
  • Air conditioning is prohibited on all buses
  • The contact surfaces of the driving position are cleaned regularly during the day
3 / After:
Return to base by canoe-kayak:
  • Organization of a drop-off area for equipment directly by customers to avoid contact with employees
  • Availability of hydro-alcoholic gel before customers return to their vehicle
  • Canoe handles disinfection before personnel handling
  • It is recommended by posting to leave with your own waste