Discover Saint Léon sur Vézère

Classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France , Saint-Léon sur Vézère is peacefully located in a loop of the Vézère.

Dominated by the Côte de Jor, it has the typical charm and authenticity of the medieval villages of Périgord Noir, with its warm blond stones,
its coy roofs, the maze of its courédous (narrow streets) and the presence of the river.

Depending on your mood, you can simply enjoy the sweetness while strolling or give in to one of its many attractions:

its sporting activities, its heritage, its restaurants, its artisans, its events...

...and then, of course, meet the locals and appreciate the Périgord hospitality.

The Vézère , like all the main rivers, served as a communications route. Navigation became established there from the 16th century with the development of commercial exchanges from the hinterland towards Bordeaux.

From the 17th century, Saint Léon became the main port on the Vézère.

Saint Léon took the name of PORT LÉON under the revolution.

The center of the port was located under the church.

The building of the current town hall and school was the goods warehouse until 1880, the floor was reserved for the headquarters of the

Vézère Canal Company.